The Olivier Blanc selection of cognacs of excellence

What is S.O.B. ?

I have launched Selection Olivier Blanc , S.O.B.,Cognac “ , to be my vision of the cognac world today.

After 40 years creating, distilling, and marketing cognac around the globe , I believe my new direction is what the Cognac consumer is searching for.

“Craft Cognac” is a specialized approach through selecting individual, dedicated producers, trained, with exceptional talent to bring a new level of quality to the Cognac world.

The six young producers chosen to date are innovators, own their vineyard, distill and bottle on their estate and take the family tradition beyond the established approach.

Cognac has been enjoyed for centuries around the world, S.O.B. is a new energy for the Cognac consumer.

Olivier Blanc

olivier blanc portrait

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new family members

Musica del Vi, Barcelona Avril / April 18

The largest and most amazing private show in Europe with 4000 professionals visitors. Pascal was there introducing SELECTION S.O.B.