Christophe FILLOUX

Grande Champagne 1st Growth...

The maverick.

Inheritor of a long line of great winegrowers and distillers , Christophe loves to surprise , to open different roads , he listens and imagines new approaches ,.Born in the tradition, he brings his energy , his enthusiasm in his cognacs , is this the secret of the exceptional quality of his cognacs?


The active duo

Pierre et Anne-Marie show skill, open-mindness , curiosity , talent and understanding, on a beautiful vineyard of 60 hectares (130 acres) , located on the best part of the Cognac/Fins Bois region , producing a rich , fruity and mainly mineral wine. Great distiller, Pierre expresses his know-how with this VS Artisanal, of a remarkable freshness and finesse.


Grande Champagne 1st Growth

The flying wise man

Dominique hides his long experience behind a true simplicity and humility that are underlying in his cognacs made with finesse. Flying, because Dominique pilot small pales and air balloon to see the cognac region in all its beauty.

Pablo /Pierre DE SEGONZAC

Grande Champagne 1st Growth

The passionate.

Pablo’s ambition is to resurrect his grand-father’s cognacs and philosophy.Abiding by the family principles he enriches them, creates and amazes his aficionados with sincerity and optimism, it results in a real dialogue with the spirit lovers.

François VOYER

Grande Champagne 1st Growth

The visionary.

A real pleasure to meet this man and his team, always one step ahead, rational and friendly, with imagination as a priority. They are obsessed by an accessible complexity , to establish an authentic and convincing exchange with spirit lovers.


Grande Champagne 1st Growth

The innovator

Jean with the help of his wife Amy, has carefully considers all the different steps of the cognac process.The recipient of a centuries old heritage he adapts it to our present world, his priority is the respect of nature. His vineyard is organic since 1993, he searches permanently for the authentic, his cognacs are the result of his talent in expressing a delicate and harmonized complexity.